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This Place Has A Voice is a foundation for individual histories, concerns, and aspirations to stand on and be heard, paramount to a vibrant and sustainable locality. Artists contribute A/V projections, sculptures, performances and installations. Historians contribute research, photographs, articles, and context. Site-partners contribute audience, facilities, and logistics. Local residents, workers, and visitors contribute personal stories, experiences, and perspectives. The pilot The pilot phase (2012-14) was celebrated on September 20 2014 with a free public Event Day in the park and neighborhood. The day included presentations, tours, performances and projections. Moving forward, This Place Has A Voice continues to deepen the community ties around Canal Park building an Event Day 2015, and explores other locals, in DC, the USA, and abroad, to investigate with this inclusive, innovative, and educational model for making art happen and getting people to experience it. This website will continue to upload additional works from Event Day 2014, as well as other artists’ developments and future projects. For now, please explore the various pages for a sampling of how this project started and what this project has explored to-date.  This Place Has A Voice is the juxtaposed visions of artists and locals exploring life and history around Canal Park, Washington DC. The dialogue between artistic vision and community voice, both past and present, produces visual and virtual photographs, videos, and drawings, augmented by local historians. In 1799 the Navy Yard moved to this neighborhood.
In the early 1800s a canal linked the neighborhood to Georgetown via what is today the National Mall. At 
the turn of this century, the place was a parking lot for school buses next to a strip of gay sex clubs. In 2008, the new baseball stadium was built here. 
A riverfront walk now graces the bank of the adjacent Anacostia River. New businesses bring thousands of employees to the neighborhood. Some families have lived here for generations, others for less than one week. Where long-term resident Mr. James Stoddard’s grandmother lived in the 1940s is today the entrance 
to a Marriott Hotel.

 The neighborhood’s recent, drastic makeover is celebrated by most, yet in many ways the changes mirror those of earlier periods of urban renewal, compromising a desire to provide sound housing for low-income residents with a conscious effort on the part of authorities to remove poor, often African American residents from areas that had become desirable.


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Canal Park neighborhood 2012.
Photo by Janelle Fernandez,

Carrollsburg site 409 Eye St SE adjoining junkyard 1939 DCHA

Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project

Project Manager: Hannah Jacobson

Art Director: Bruce McKaig

Team Artists:

(E) Emu                       Elizabeth Baldwin     
(D) Dog                       John Yanson

(F) Falcarius                Charles Bergen

(S) Spider                    Breon Gilleran

(I) Ibis                          Evan Reed

(L) Lady Bug               Susan Champeny

(K) Koala                     Davide Prete

(V) Viceroy Butterfly    Novie Anne Trump

(N) Narwhal                Undine Brod

(G) Grasshopper         Carolina Mayorga


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