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Cube @ Canal Park Situated at the south end of Canal Park (M and 2nd SE) is a 20-foot cube equipped with data projectors and connected to audio speakers dispersed throughout the southern quadrant of the park. The project aims to give a voice to the area, to the people and their lives, to the streets and their character, to the relationships between this neighborhood and other communities in DC and around the world. Under the curatorial leadership of Bruce McKaig, a team of local artists is connecting with local members of the community to discover personal stories and experiences that have built and continue to shape this neighborhood. This local input is examined and repackaged via the experience and vision of the cube artists, producing videos, photographs, interviews, slide shows, drawings, performances, installations, and oral histories. Works are available on this website, and selected works will be projected on the cube nightly, starting after sunset and running until 11:30, every night from now until the September 20th Event Day.

The Cube@Canal Park had a turbulent beginning. Artists began working on the project in 2012, but construction delays and administrative complications pushed public projections forward until summer 2014. The first to produce content for the cube were visual artist Bruce McKaig and audio artist Adrienne Penebre, who spent several months recording images and sounds in the area, producing this 20 minute conceptual piece (November 2012) that moves from light and shadow to color and shape then movement, character and identity.

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Cube Artists' Films

Bruce McKaig

Ira Tattelman

Chaya Shapiro

The cube is owned and operated by the
Canal Park Development Association


Initial funding provided by the DC Commission
on the Arts and Humanities

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Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project

Project Manager: Hannah Jacobson

Art Director: Bruce McKaig

Team Artists:

(E) Emu                       Elizabeth Baldwin     
(D) Dog                       John Yanson

(F) Falcarius                Charles Bergen

(S) Spider                    Breon Gilleran

(I) Ibis                          Evan Reed

(L) Lady Bug               Susan Champeny

(K) Koala                     Davide Prete

(V) Viceroy Butterfly    Novie Anne Trump

(N) Narwhal                Undine Brod

(G) Grasshopper         Carolina Mayorga


Funded by the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT)


Administered by the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

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