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Download the Navy Yard Neighborhood Timeline of major historical moments, compiled by historian and guide, Mara Cherkasky


Video by Ryan Biller

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Then and Now As Mara Cherkasky unearths historical photographs from the area, Bruce McKaig returns to each location and photographs the spot as it looks today. As well as displaying the historical and contemporary images side-by-side, there are 60-second animations that move from past to present as well as still images of past and present woven together into one composite result. We invite people who have their own photographs from the area, from the far or near past, to contact us about adding the pictures to this project.

Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project

Project Manager: Hannah Jacobson

Art Director: Bruce McKaig

Team Artists:

(E) Emu                       Elizabeth Baldwin     
(D) Dog                       John Yanson

(F) Falcarius                Charles Bergen

(S) Spider                    Breon Gilleran

(I) Ibis                          Evan Reed

(L) Lady Bug               Susan Champeny

(K) Koala                     Davide Prete

(V) Viceroy Butterfly    Novie Anne Trump

(N) Narwhal                Undine Brod

(G) Grasshopper         Carolina Mayorga


Funded by the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT)


Administered by the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

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